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How to submit IGNOU Assignments Online 2021 । IGNOU Assignments Submission Online

In view of CoronaVirus lockdown, IGNOU University has decided to provide online Assignments Submission facility to its candidates from their homes.

How to submit IGNOU Assignments Online: In view of CoronaVirus lockdown, IGNOU University has decided to provide online Assignments Submission facility to its candidates from their homes. Due to the Lockdown, all IGNOU regional centre activities were suspended in all IGNOU RCs. Assignments of a course carry 30% weightage while 70% weightage is given to the Term End Examination. 

How to submit IGNOU Assignments Online
Submit IGNOU Assignments Online

However, the IGNOU assignments online Submission facility has taken the burden from many candidates who were worrying about submission of their assignments on time. However, IGNOU University also extended the last date to submit IGNOU Assignments to 15 December 2021

But due to the lockdown, it was a tough task for IGNOU to collect all assignments and check them on time and also Physical medium of assignment could have increased infection of coronavirus. So, IGNOU is accepting all assignments by Online medium. 

You need to send a soft copy of your assignment to IGNOU regional centre’s mail id, Or on a google form. in this article, you will know how to submit IGNOU assignments online.

Importance of IGNOU Assignments Submission

You are required to score at least 40% marks in each assignment as well as TEE (Term End Examination ) separately. If you don’t submit the assignment of a course within the above specified time limit, you won’t be allowed to give the Term End Examination for that course. If you appear in the Term End Examination without submitting the assignments, the result of the Term End Examination would be liable to be cancelled.

From where can I obtain the latest assignment question paper?

Follow the official IGNOU website or directly click on You can also visit IGNOU Regional Centre or the allotted Student Centre for the same.

Which type of paper should I use for the assignments?

You should use a Foolscap size paper or A4 Size paper for the assignments. For more marks, you should use both sides of blank paper & no ruled sheets. ;) Avoid using very thin paper.

Should I write the assignments on the single side of a paper or on both sides or should I use a notebook instead?

No such restriction. But I will strongly suggest writing on a single side for more marks. Avoid notebooks.

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What kind of pen should be used?

You can use any kind of pen. But, I have personally gotten more marks by using Roller Gel Pen and Pilot-V5 Pen.

How many colours of the pen should I use?

You can use the standard Blue + Black Combination. Write the headings in black and the main answer body in Blue.  Don’t use too many colours.

Should I make a margin or start writing like a maniac?

You should use a 4cm margin on the left and at least 4 lines in between each answer.

Should I staple or spiral bind the assignment pages?

Again, no such restriction. But spiral binding may be preferred.

Can I print or type the assignments as it is easy to Copy-Paste the answers from the internet?

You should write the responses in your own handwriting only.

Should I keep a photocopy of the Assignment?

Yes, you must keep a photocopy before submitting your assignments to the Study Centre.

How to Write your IGNOU Assignments

On the first page write your Enrolment Number, Name, Study Centre Code, Programme, Course Code, the Course Title, Session, Address, Mobile/Telephone, Email, Date of Submission & Signature. You can download and print this as well
IGNOU Assignments Front page

The second Page should be the Assignment Question Paper. Tick the questions which you will be attempting in the assignment.

Start with the answers. Don’t write the questions as you have already attached the Assignment Question Paper on the previous page.

Try to write at least 5-6 pages/question for a 500-word limit answer, especially if it is an arts subject

You should write each assignment separately. All the assignments should not be written in continuity in a single notebook or shouldn’t be bound or stapled together.

You should write the question number with each answer.

You should not copy from the response sheets of your friends. If copying is noticed, assignments of you and your friend can be rejected, and disciplinary action can be taken against both of you as per the rules of the University. Although, nothing of such sort happens practically.

The completed assignment should be sent only by registered/speed post or submitted in person to the Coordinator of the Study Centre allotted to the student. The latter is the most preferred way. The assignment should not be sent to the Regional Centre.

After submitting the assignment at the Study Centre in person, the students should get the acknowledgement receipt from the Coordinator. You will have to keep this receipt safe for getting back your evaluated assignments. Also, this receipt will help you prove that you actually submitted those assignments.

10. Don't wait until the deadline. Submit your assignments well before 3-4 days or be ready to face chaos on the last day.  ( For G.O.T fans- Here, Chaos isn't a ladder )

Will IGNOU extend the Assignment submission deadline like it extends admission dates?

MAYBE. IGNOU sometimes extend the assignment submission date. But you shouldn't wait for the last dates and submit the assignments well in advance.

Can I apply for the Re-evaluation of IGNOU assignments?

Assignments are not subject to re-evaluation except for factual errors if any committed by the evaluator. In case you find that the score indicated in the evaluated assignment sheet has not been correctly reflected or is not entered in your grade card, you are advised to contact the Coordinator of the study centre with a request to forward the correct award list to the Student Evaluation Division (SED) at IGNOU, New Delhi.

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