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IGNOU Promotion For UG and PG Students 2021

The university has released a notice on its official website disclosing detailed information about the promotion of students to the next level in diff

IGNOU has announced to promote the students of the undergraduate and postgraduate semester without any examination this year. The IGNOU University has released a notice on its official website disclosing detailed information about the promotion of students to the next level in different courses and programs.

IGNOU Promotion

IGNOU University has released a notice on 29th October 2021 on its official website stating about the promotion of the students without a formal examination.  The notice has mentioned the exemption for only the students who have registered or have re-registered in the session for 2021-2022.

The examination was about to take place in June 2020. But due to the COVID situation, the university postponed the examination date and the students were waiting for the next date. Now, the university has taken an eminent step and has mentioned the students do not have to appear for this exam at all now. These students will be promoted to their next levels based on other factors without appearing in the exam.

The IGNOU University has also mentioned some important criteria for the exemption. One such point is that the exemption from examination to get promoted is not applicable for the students who have applied for the programs of BLIS, MLIS, BED, BHM, BSC (N), BCOMAF/CAA/FCA, and BBA in Service Management, MHA, and MCOMMAFS/FT/BPCG.

Promotion for Undergraduate Programs

Students who are in the session of July 2021 and are in the 1st year or the programs BSC, BCOM, BA, BBA in Retail, BSW, BAVTM, and BTS will be offered the facility of getting promoted without appearing for the exam.

Again in the same session, the 2nd-semester students from the programs of BSC, BCOM, BA, BBA in Retail, BSW, and BTS will be offered a promotion to the next level without any official examination.

Students of the program BCA who have got enrolled in June 2021 will be also granted promotion without any examination. The exemption is offered for the students in the 1st – 5th semester.

In such a situation, it becomes crucial to find out a way to score the students. So, the authorities have mentioned in the notice that the students will be provided marks on the basis of the previous or the later semester examinations. 

For example, if the student is exempted from appearing for the examination for 1st year, the marks will be provided based on the marks obtained in the 2nd year. Similarly, if the student is not appearing for the 2nd year exam, the marks will be provided based on the 1st year marks.

Promotion For Postgraduate Programs

Students who have got registered on July 21 in the 1st year of the courses MCOM, MHD, MAH, MAPC, MPA, MGPS, MSCDFSM/CFT, MSW & MSWC, MADE, MTTM, MAVDS, MAGD, MAJMC, MEG, MPS, MSO, MEC, MAAN, MARD, MAEDU, MAAE, MAPY, MAWGS, and MATS shall be exempted from appearing in the examination and will be promoted to the next level. These students will get marks in their 1st year later on based on the marks that they score in their 2nd-year examinations.

Similarly, students who have got registered in June 2021 for the programs of MBA, MSCMACS (1st & 3rd semester), and MCA will not have to appear for the exam to get promoted this year.

For the MBA students, the exemption of not appearing in the exam is restricted again to just 5 courses. For the students of MBA (B&F), this restriction is just for four courses.

IGNOU has also declared that if any student does not wish to entertain the exemption can surely apply for the examination that will get conducted by February 2022. The notice has also reminded the students that there can be other changes in the schedule of examinations later on if the situation of COVID persists ahead. So, the students should keep a track of the notices and announcements on the official website of IGNOU University now and then.

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