BA English Honours – Eligibility, Syllabus, Admission, Career, Fee and Top Institutes

Hello friends I am Tahir Hassan and welcome back to Apply Exam Website. Today we are going to talk about a course in one such language which is considered the most widely used language in the world. This fascinated language has almost assumed the stature of world language and learned used nearly by all the countries of the world at least in international communication. 

I think I need not give you more clues about the language as by now you must have a very clear picture in your mind of the language I am talking about. 

You are very right my dear friends. It is the language in which I am speaking right now and you people from across the globe are listening and understanding what I am going to deliberate it and English is that diverse language with a wide range of users. 

For all types of communication, one needs a language. The English language is perfectly capable of filling the gap. In this post, I am going to tell you about one such course that can help you increase your understanding of the language, and that particular course is Bachelor’s of Arts in English Honors.

I am sure by the end of the post, you will definitely be aware of the answers to all of your burning questions, like 
  • What exactly the BA English Honors course is? 
  • What are the required eligibility conditions to join the BA English Honors course?
  • What are the skills required to do the BA English Honors course? 
  • How to join the BA English Honors course? 
  • Various Entrance Exams are required to be cleared to join BA English Course?
  • What is the syllabus of the BA English Honors course? 
  • What is the fee of the BA English Honors course? 
  • Which are the various government and private institutes offering BA English Honors courses? 
  • What are the career prospects and job opportunities after completion of the BA English Honors course? 
  • Which are the top recruiters of BA English Honors degree holders? 
  • What are the expected pay packages after doing a BA English Honors degree and much more? 
BA English Honours

So, guys let us start with a very basic question i.e 

What Exactly BA English Honors Course Is? 

BA English Honors Course

(Bachelor of Arts) BA in English Honors is a three-year undergraduate degree program that comes under the field of Humanities and Arts. BA English Honors course includes the study of the development of the English language and literature and how it has formed into the current modern society. 

This course also aware the aspirants about different aspects like drama, poetry, novel, and plays. Now when you are well aware of the course you would like to know the required eligibility conditions to join the BA English Honors course? 

Required Eligibility To Join BA English Honors Course? 

BA English Honours Eligibility

As far as educational qualification is concerned, you must have passed the 12th examination or its equivalent preferably in the Arts stream from a recognized school. Some colleges may also demand a certain minimum percentage of marks at this level which can be anywhere between 50% to 60%.  

However, the eligibility criteria might differ a bit from college to college and university to university. Along with fulfilling these eligibility conditions, you must have a certain set of skills to be able to do 3 this year BA English Honours course successfully like:
  • One of the most skills that you need to possess to do this course is the desire to learn a foreign language which has already been declared a tough language by most non-native English learners. 
  • The ability to communicate effectively in both written and spoken form can be handy to do this course successfully. 
  • You must have the ability to present your ideas and information effectively. 
  • Besides this, you should be able to function as part of a team and be able to collaborate. 
Now after knowing about the eligibility conditions and required skills, If you are really looking to do a BA English Honours degree course then the knowledge of its admission process is a must? 

BA English Honours Admission Process

The admission process is varied from one institute to another. As various institutes have their own admission criteria and admission process. Some institutes provide admission to the BA English Honors program based on marks secured in the 12th or intermediate examination. 

However, some universities/ colleges offer admission to this program based on the rank secured in the entrance examination conducted by the college authority. 

Some institutes may provide admission giving weightage to both the marks secured in the qualifying exams and Marks secured in the Entrance Exam conducted at the institute, university, or state level. 

Syllabus of BA English Honours Course

The three years full-time BA English Honours course has been divided into 6 semesters. 

In BA English Honours Semester-1 you will study subjects like:- 

  • English Language Skills 
  • History of English Language 
  • Historical and Literary Topics-I and 
  • History of Old & Middle English Literature 

 Whereas, BA English Honours Semester-2 consists of Subjects like:- 

  • Drama: The Rivals, She stoops to conquer, 
  • Elizabethan Literature, 
  • Environmental Studies and 
  • Poetry: Milton and Pope 

 BA English Honours Semester-3 usually consists of Subjects like:- 

  • Introduction to Computer 
  • Literary Topics 
  • Restoration Period and 
  • Prose: Lamb and Hazlitt 

 In BA English honors Semester-4 you study Subjects like:- 

  • Jacobean / Caroline Period 
  • Romantic Period and 
  • Novel: Austen and Scott 

Whereas, BA English Honours Semester-5 consists of Subjects like:- 

  • Soft Skills 
  • The Victorian Period and 
  • The Twentieth Century Literature 

 In BA English Honors Semester-6 you study Subjects like:- 

  • Augustan Age 
  • Creative Writing 
  • Indian Modern Literature and 
  • Dissertation 
This is a generalized, Standard Syllabus of BA English Honors course which might differ a bit from institute to institute. However, the basic content of the course will largely have remained the same. 

Now let me tell you about some of the Top BA English Honours institutes of India

Top BA English Honours institutes of India

If you are looking for some of the best Government institutes then you can go for:- 
  • Hindu College, Delhi 
  • Hansraj College, Delhi 
  • Kirori Mal College, Delhi 
  • Government PG College Sector 1, Panchkula 
  • Maulana Azad College, Kolkata 
  • Scottish Church College, Kolkata 
  • Bihar National College – BN College 
  • Government Degree College, Sanjauli, Shimla and 
  • Lady Shriram College for Women, New Delhi

If you want to join some of the best Private institutes then you can go for:- 

  • Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce, Pune 
  • St Stephens College, Delhi 
  • MCM DAV College for Women, Chandigarh
  • St Xavier’s College, Ranchi 
  • St Xavier’s College, Kolkata 
  • DAV College, Chandigarh and 
  • St Joseph’s College, Darjeeling 
In fact, there are hundreds of other private and public institutes providing BA English Honors courses. You can visit our website to know about all those. 

Now you must be curious to know about the fees of the BA English Honours course

Fees of BA English Honours course 

Like other courses, the fee of the BA English Course also varies depending upon the genre and the reputation of the institutes you are thinking of joining. 

Like the average fee for BA, English Honors courses in government institutes may range from Rs.15,000/- to Rs.60,000/- per annum

While private institutes may charge anywhere between Rs.1.5Lakh to 2.5 Lakhs annually for the same course. 

This fee structure varies greatly so it is always advisable to go through the latest notification of the respective institute you are going to join to know the exact amount of fee they charge. 

Job opportunities After BA English Honours course

English is a versatile language that can lead to a variety of job opportunities all over the world. Graduates with an English Honors degree can find work in both the public and private sectors. 

In the private sector, you can find employment in 

  • Print Media Houses and Electronic Media like Times, India Today, Network 18 groups as Sub Editor, Anchor, and Newsreader, etc. 
  • Advertising Agencies as a content creator, Editor, Copy Writer, Arts Administrator, etc. 
  • Social Media Organizations like Facebook, Twitter as Blogger Reviewer, Communicator, Content Developer, Manager or Public Relation Officer, 
  • SEO Companies as Publisher, Researcher, Search Engine Optimizer 
  • International Embassies as Translators and Front office executive. 
  • Airlines and other organizations like Air India, Vistara, 
  • As Guide, Travel Writer and Technical Writers, etc. 
And if you are interested in the Government sector then I would like to tell you that you can take any UG level Employment exam and join State or Central Public Sector organizations on various posts. That may include Public Relation Departments of various government organizations, Various Public Sector Banks and other enterprises like Air India, etc. 

And if you are more inclined towards Education and Research then you can go for higher degrees in the field like MA followed by Ph.D., and become an educationist by clearing B.Ed or UGC NET Exam in various Private and Government educational institutes besides joining some research facilities as a researcher. 

So, I can say there is ample job opportunism both in the private as well as the public sector for those who have completed their Bachelor’s degree in English Honors from a reputed institute. 

The most frequently asked questions

What are the proposed pay packages or salaries after completing the BA English Honors course?

The BA English Honors degree holder can expect to get something between Rs.3 Lakh to Rs.3.6 Lakhs annually as a starting salary. Someone with few years of relevant industry experience and expertise can think of getting Rs.6 Lakh to Rs.10 Lakhs annually. 

Whereas in the government sector the salary and pay packages largely depend upon the post you have joined and the prevailing pay scales in the respective government organizations. 

So, at the end of this article, I wanted to mention that pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English Honors degree program will make your knowledge of understanding English literature more profound. 

Make smart choices and choose whatever your interest lies within, either be with English or with any other subject. All subjects are important but to connect with every other subject English is considered necessary. 

So, that was all there to know about the BA English Honours program. I hope you find this article interesting and informative. If it is so, please click the “Share” button. We will be back with more articles on such interesting subjects. Thank you for taking the time to read our article. 

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