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Library Science: Library Science course is also very much like making a career. Students can do a library science course after completing 12th from any stream. After completing the course, there is a chance to work in government-private institutions including schools, college libraries, and other places.

Career In Library Science 

Career In Library Science 

Be it the office of government and private institutions or school or college. Libraries are made at all places to handle and preserve the necessary documents. The person who takes care of and preserves the documents and books in these libraries is called Librarian. If you also love books and want to pass your time in the store of knowledge, then you can become a librarian. 

Students can easily make a great career anywhere by taking the library science course by staying in the positions of library attendant, library assistant, and librarian.

Course in Library Science

To make a career in library science, diploma or certificate courses are done along with the degree. After passing 12th from any stream, students can do Bachelor in Library Science or Bachelor in Library and Information Science. After doing Bachelor’s, the option of a Master’s in Library Science and MPhil or Ph.D. is also available. During the course, students are exposed to library and information systems management, catalogs, documentation, manuscripts, bibliography, etc. Apart from this, students are also given basic computer knowledge to keep data and records safe in digital format during the course.

Know Career Scope

There is no dearth of jobs in Library Science. Graduate youth in Library Science can make a career in both government and private sector as per their choice. There is always a chance for youth to become a librarian in schools, colleges, universities, private institutions, private libraries, and museums.
Apart from this, librarians are also appointed in all newspapers, magazines, and channels. Now even corporate companies are hiring excellent salary librarians. Now is the era of digital, so the trend of online libraries or computer library, the digital library has also increased rapidly.

Jobs are available on these job profiles

Library science is known to be a highly developed sector. This department is needed everywhere. Due to this, there is an opportunity to get jobs on many job profiles in this field. After the course, youth get appointments for the posts of Junior Librarian, Assistant Librarian, Librarian, Library Attendant, Technical Assistant, Researcher and Scientist, Consultant, Record Manager, Information Analyst, Law Librarian, Indexer, Information Architect, Architect, etc.
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