DigiLocker Login & Sign Up Online at www.digitallocker.gov.in

DigiLocker: DigiLocker is a national Digital Locker system. It is a flagship program aimed at transforming India into digitally empowered society and it is an initiative under the Digital India Program. It provides a platform for issuing and verification of documents and certificates digitally. You can access DigiLocker Sign In/Sign Up on your mobile through your mobile app.

DigiLocker is an online portal that offers you a document storage facility. It enables you to share e-documents through the registered repository. It also allows you to upload your own electronic documents and also digitally sign them using an e-signing feature.


Objectives of DigiLocker

It empowers you to store your documents digitally using cloud technology. You can store all your personal documents such as voter ID, PAN card, driving license, educational certificates etc.

  • It enables you to send e-signed documents electronically and thus minimizes the usage of paper documents.
  • It is very authentic and eliminates fake documents.
  • It offers you secured access to your government-issued documents through the web or mobile app.
  • It helps reduce administrative overhead for various government departments and agencies.
  • You can access your documents 24/7 anywhere.
  • It supports a standard document format that makes it easy to share documents.
  • It ensures privacy, security and authorized access to your documents.

Components of DigiLocker

Repository: It stores e-documents uploaded by you in a standard format which can be searched and accessed.
Access Gateway: It is a mechanism that lets you access your e-documents online in real-time through the e-Document Uniform Resource Indicator, URI.
Digital Locker: It provides 1GB personal storage space linked to aadhar. It lets you secured e-documents. It integrates e-sign service that lets you digitally sign your documents. Any document should not exceed 1MB size. You can store .jpg, .bmp, .jpeg, .pdf, .png, .gif documents.

How to use DigiLocker

DigiLocker is used by residents, issuers and requesters.

DigiLocker Login

A resident must have aadhar number and his/her mobile number linked to your aadhar.
  • Go to www.digitallocker.gov.in
  • Click on Sign In button on the top left of the homepage.
  • A sign in page will be displayed. Enter your aadhar number in the field provided. Then click on ‘’Verify’. You will be sent OTP on your mobile number. Enter OTP in the field displayed and click on ‘Sign in’.
  • Now you can view as well as upload your documents.

How Issuers can use DigiLocker?

An Issuer must register once on the Digital Locker System in order to get a unique Issuer ID.
Issuers can sign in with their issuer Id and upload the documents in a standard format on the repository.

DigiLocker Signup

  • A requester has to register in order to access Digital Locker. Once registered, he can log in with id.
  • A requester can retrieve the document from the repository using document URI.
  • DigiLocker offers you quick and authorized access to e-documents anytime anywhere. Use the digital service and enjoy all the benefits!

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