Disaster Management _Better career and Serve the country in Disaster Management

 Disaster Management: Every year some kind of natural and human disaster keeps on coming to India. In such disasters, the main task of running relief and rescue work is done by government and private organizations related to disaster management. Students who want to make a better career and serve the country and human beings can go into the field of Disaster Management.




  • Relief and rescue work is carried out in disaster management.
  • Opportunity to work in National and International organizations.
  • Jobs in most government organizations in disaster management.

Disaster Management: Every year many natural and human disasters occur in the country. Disasters like landslides, floods, earthquakes, and tsunamis keep coming in India, in which where lives are lost, and there is also loss of property worth crores and billions of rupees. Disaster management has the biggest role in helping the victims of such disasters and bringing their lives back on track.
 People associated with it conduct relief and rescue operations. In today’s time, apart from the central and state governments, many NGOs and private organizations are also working in the field of disaster management. Due to this, the demand for trained professionals in this field is increasing rapidly. If you also want to make your career in this field then here you will get complete information.

Know what is Disaster Management
The main function of disaster management is to carry out relief and rescue operations at the time of any disaster and major accident. Along with this, the victims of such disasters have to be re-connected with the Mainstream. In case of any disaster, the Home Ministry plays the role of the main government agency and other agencies work closely with it. Such professionals are very important at the time of the disaster, they work to help the disaster victims as soon as possible and give them the necessary training. They take the victims to safe places, distribute food and also arrange for the treatment of the injured.
Disaster Management Course

At present, courses in disaster management ranging from certificate to PG diploma level are offered by many institutes in the country. Many universities offer degree-level courses. The minimum qualification for a certificate course in disaster management is 12th pass, while the minimum qualification for a master’s degree or PG diploma is graduation. Apart from this, disaster management courses can also be done through distance learning. 
During these courses, students are given in-depth knowledge of topics like Risk Assessment and Preventive Strategies, Application of GIS in Disaster Management, Rescue, and Legislative Structures for Control of Disaster Mitigation. Apart from this, students can also do specialization in different fields of disaster management such as mining disasters, chemical disasters, technical disasters, etc.

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