Kashmir University Hacked News Student Details Leaked

Shahrul Ahmad
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Kashmir University Hacked News: Kashmir University appears to have fallen victim to a cyberattack. According to the sources, the personal data of over one million students of Kashmir University was HACKED & spotted on dark web.

Kashmir University Hacked

The alleged database of Kashmir University students has been put on sale for just $250 on a hacking forum by “ViktorLustig”. The name is inspired by the infamous con artist who “sold” the Eiffel Tower, not once but twice.

The threat actor has shared a database index to show the data he has in his possession. It claims to include student information, registration number, phone number, email address, password, employee data and more.

The database is listed on Breached Forums, the famous hacking forum that gained international attention earlier this month with a data breach exposing over 1 billion Chinese residents. Twitter user Abhishek Verma received a confirmation from the admin of the forum “pompompurin”, who said the alleged database is legitimate.

Kashmir University is yet to confirm a data breach. IBTimes’ request for a statement has gone unanswered as of this writing. Multiple calls were made to the university’s VC, Public Relations and Admin, but to no avail. We’ll update the story when we hear back from the university. (Source: IB Times

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