March Session in Kashmir 2022 Order JKBOSE Official Announced

March Session in Kashmir: As the candidates of Class 10th, 11th and 12th are left in dilemma regarding their final board exams, the government has not yet officially announced regarding the same. However, an official has hinted that it’s highly likely to shift the exams of JKBOSE to March 2023. Here you can get pings on J&K March Session 2022 JKBOSE Latest Update.Jammu and Kashmir Board Of School Education Released the Jkbose Class 10th Result 2022.

So far as some candidates are concerned, they say they have completed almost 75-80% of their syllabus and passing the J&K March SessionOrder at this moment can threaten their preparation and overall academics. Many intellectuals are also of the opinion that J&K March Session should be cancelled as it can’t be applied to J&K based on many factors.

Regarding the update of the J&K March SessionCancelled, there is no such confirmation from the government yet on the issue. Well, many of the candidates may hail the cancellation move but some of the candidates are in favour of shifting exams to March 2023 for the 10th 11th 12th Classes.

March Session in Kashmir

J&K March SessionOrder 2022

As of yet no official order has been released, but the government is in the mood of shifting the exams from classes 10th to 12th from March next year. As per the latest news today, the government‘s decision to shift the academic session to March-2023 from the current academic year is well planned, a top official said.
  The official said there should be no confusion over it (J&K March SessionOrder) and candidates should accordingly prepare themselves for the March session from the current academic year.
   “It has been decided at the government level to shift the session to March-2023 from the current academic year. Only a few things are being worked out after that official order will be issued by the department,” the official told Greater Kashmir.

J&K March Session 2022 JKBOSE Latest Update

As per the government decision, the annual-2022 Board exams in Kashmir for the 10th 11th 12th classes will be held in March 2023 instead of November-December of 2022.
    “Yes it has been decided. There should be no ambiguity in it,” the official said.
     As already reported in J&K March Session 2022 JKBOSE Latest Update, the J&K Chief Secretary (CS) Dr Arun Kumar Mehta in April this year said that Jammu and Kashmir will fully implement the National Education Policy (NEP-2020) from the current academic session and will also move to a uniform academic calendar which in turn will be synchronised to the national academic calendar.
   The Higher Education Department (HED) already shifted the academic session to July from the current year in line with the National Academic Calendar.
   “Same will be followed by the School Education Department (SED) so that the academic calendar will be in sync with HED and the national academic calendar,” he said.

Latest News Update Today on March Session in Jammu Kashmir for 10th 11th 12th Classes

      As per the latest news today, a high-level committee constituted by the government was tasked to suggest the ways and means on how to go about J&K March Session for the 10th 11th 12th Classes. The committee has suggested the operational mechanism for shifting the academic session to March from the current session.
    As already reported, the advisor to J&K Lieutenant Governor Rajiv Rai Bhatnagar said it was a good idea to have one academic calendar which matches with the Higher Education Department and all other professional colleges as well.
    The official said there were issues related to the snow-bound areas. “But the department has worked out a plan to smoothly implement the March session in snow-bound areas,” he said.
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