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Tatkal Passport Apply Online: A passport is among the most important government documents in India. It serves the purpose of enabling one to travel the world without any hassle. Talking about initial days then getting a passport in hand was itself a hassle. But now all thanks to Tatkal passport services, improvements are observed in certain areas. In this article, we will be guiding you with below topics:

  • Tatkal Passport
  • Documents required
  • Tatkal Passport Fees
  • Live Status Check
  • Tatkal Passport Application Forms
  • Useful FAQs
Tatkal Passport 2022

A passport can also be used as universal proof that can verify your age, address and person ID details. You can use it anywhere where you are asked for identification. Tatkal Passport comes in handy when you need to have it on an urgent basis.

It is valid for both new as well as existing users (for renewal) with the provision of additional payments. Tatkal passport is mainly issued to users who have a genuine reason for getting one urgently. Department has made certain rules where citizens can not use the fast coupled services. Below we have compiled a list of scenarios where applicants can’t apply under the Tatkal tag.

Non-Eligibility for Tatkal Passport

  • Any damage to passport (it is lost or was stolen)
  • Name Change
  • Not valid in Nagaland, Jammu and Kashmir states
  • Naga origin citizens
  • Non-Indians living in India currently
  • Signature is changed (or other such actions like appearance)
  • The applicant is born to Indian parents outside India
  • Citizenship criteria are naturalization or registration

You will not be eligible for this service if you fall under any of the above-mentioned categories.

Procedure to Apply for Tatkal Passport

The procedure to apply Online for a Tatkal passport is quite similar to an ordinary one. The only difference is the kind of application that you want to enroll for. Please follow the below steps to register and apply Tatkal passport in India:

Tatkal Passport Application
Tatkal Passport Application
  • Fill in the details and register here
  • Select your nearby passport office (mostly state capitals and major cities)
  • Enter your name, DOB, Email and other relevant details
  • Once everything is filled, hit the “Register” button
  • Login to the portal with your unique ID and password
  • You will get “Fresh” and “Re-issue” options
  • Choose the one you want to go for (applicable)
  • You will get the links to download the e-Application form (will look like below image)
Tatkal Passport Application Form
Tatkal Passport Application Form


  • Fill in details properly and submit them online
  • Pay the application fee and print the application form
  • Book an appointment in a nearby office and visit there with this application form print as reference/proof

How to Check Tatkal Passport Status in India

Passport Status Check
Passport Status Check
  • Passport Status Check
  • Passport Status Check
  • In the Application Type window, choose the Passport option
  • Enter your File Number (you will get it on the application form) and date of birth
  • Hit the “Track Status” button
After this, you will get live status for your application. Although in tatkal cases, a passport is usually delivered within 1-3 working days (exclusive to the day of registration) however it is advised to have a strict check on your application status at all points of time.

Documents required for Tatkal Passport

The passport process has much to do with documents and another sort of verification. Please make sure to carry the below documents handy before applying for a passport:
  • Annexure F verification certificate
  • Voter ID
  • Ration Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Caste Certificate
  • Bank Passbook
  • Driving License (if any)
  • Pension related docs
Please keep the above documents handy before applying for the passport. Police will verify all the details very carefully.

Application Fee for Tatkal Passport

The application fee depends upon the age and type of passport you want to apply for. Below is the chart prepared on 6/23/2022:
Age Type Booklet Pages Fees (INR)
<15 Yrs Fresh N/A 3000
<15 Yrs Reissue N/A 3000
15-18 Fresh N/A 3000
15-18 Reissue N/A 3000
Above 18 Fresh 36 3500
Above 18 Fresh 60 4000
Above 18 Reissue 36 3500
Above 18 Reissue 60 4000
The application fee keeps changing from time to time. Stay tuned, we will let you know whenever it happens.

Time is taken for Tatkal Passport

Tatkal Passport is reserved for special categories only. It is a kind of super fast service that will get your passport real quick (we really mean it). Below are the timelines as per process:
  • If Police verification is not required: 1 day
  • If Police verification is required after passport issuance: 3 days
Within 1-3 days your tatkal/emergency passport will be in your hands. In rare cases (minor’s passport, major changes in details, doubtful documentation etc) it might take up to 1 month as well.

What is the Appointment Quota in Tatkal Process?

While applying for the process you will see the options to apply under 2 different quotas. One is “Normal” and the other is”Tatkaal“. It is to choose the type of registration you want to go with. Try to go with Tatkaal services only. It is fast as it carries a post verification process along with separate reserved queues dedicated to faster processing only.
Please let us know your concerns/queries in form of comments below.
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