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IGNOU Assignment Status 2022: IGNOU has published a notification regarding IGNOU Assignments Status 2022 that suits various courses. After getting admission, the candidates have to download assignments for their selected course. IGNOU Divides their Annual session into two Parts: IGNOU July & IGNOU September 2022 Session. Assignments are tasks given to students by their teachers and tutors to complete in a stipulated time. In other words, it can also be referred to as a task given to someone as a part of learning. Assignments can be in the form of written, practical, art or fieldwork or even online. An example of an assignment is homework given to a student by the teacher. Every IGNOU candidate has to write and submit their assignments to the respective study centre before the Last date Of Submission. If a student fails to submit then he/she cannot attend the term-end examination conducted by IGNOU University.

Indira Gandhi National Open University has extended the IGNOU September TEE 2022 assignment submission date. The date has been extended till September 30, 2022. Candidates who have wanted to appear for the Term End Examination for September 2022 can check the official site of IGNOU on ignou.ac.in

As per the official notice, with the approval of the competent authority, the last date for submission of assignment (both in hard copy and soft copy) for the Term-End Examination, September 2022 has been further extended to September 30, 2022.

IGNOU has extended the deadline for submission of assignments for the TEE September 2022 exam to September 30, 2022, for various reasons as code cases are on the rise. This is for all IGNOU regional centres. Students were already demanding an extension of dates as they were not able to submit assignments on time. There were many factors such as 50% of students did not get their study material on time, yet many students are waiting for their study material. Due to this IGNOU had to extend the date of submission of the assignment for the TEE September 2022 examination.

IGNOU Assignment Status 2022

IGNOU Assignment 2022

IGNOU Assignment Status

After taking admission to IGNOU University every student needs to get their Assignments from the nearest study centre or can download the same online from the official IGNOU website. As per IGNOU Rules, it is compulsory for all the candidates to write their assignment given by the university and then they have to solve it and submit it to the concerned study centre which is allotted to them.

The Assignment must be submitted before the last or due date. If the last date of submission is passed then your assignment will be not accepted by the centre in any circumstances.

How to submit IGNOU Assignments Online 

How to submit IGNOU Assignments Online: In view of the CoronaVirus lockdown, IGNOU University has decided to provide online Assignments Submission facility to its candidates from their homes. Due to the Lockdown, all IGNOU regional centre activities were suspended in all IGNOU RCs. Assignments of a course carry 30% weightage while 70% weightage is given to the Term End Examination.

How to submit IGNOU Assignments Online
Submit IGNOU Assignments Online

However, the IGNOU assignments online Submission facility has taken the burden from many candidates who were worrying about submission of their assignments on time. However, IGNOU University also extended the last date to submit IGNOU Assignments to 30 September 2022.

But due to the lockdown, it was a tough task for IGNOU to collect all assignments and check them on time and also Physical medium of assignment could have increased infection of coronavirus. So, IGNOU is accepting all assignments by Online medium.

You need to send a soft copy of your assignment to IGNOU regional centre’s mail id, Or on a google form. in this article, you will know how to submit IGNOU assignments online.

Importance of IGNOU Assignments Submission

You are required to score at least 40% marks in each assignment as well as TEE (Term End Examination ) separately. If you don’t submit the assignment of a course within the above specified time limit, you won’t be allowed to give the Term End Examination for that course. If you appear in the Term End Examination without submitting the assignments, the result of the Term End Examination would be liable to be cancelled.

From where can I obtain the latest assignment question paper?

Follow the official IGNOU website or directly click on https://webservices.ignou.ac.in/assignments/ You can also visit IGNOU Regional Centre or the allotted Student Centre for the same.

Which type of paper should I use for the assignments?

You should use a Foolscap size paper or A4 Size paper for the assignments. For more marks, you should use both sides of blank paper & no ruled sheets. 😉 Avoid using very thin paper.

Should I write the assignments on the single side of a paper or on both sides or should I use a notebook instead?

No such restriction. But I will strongly suggest writing on a single side for more marks. Avoid notebooks.

What kind of pen should be used?

You can use any kind of pen. But, I have personally gotten more marks by using Roller Gel Pen and Pilot-V5 Pen.

How many colours of the pen should I use?

You can use the standard Blue + Black Combination. Write the headings in black and the main answer body in Blue.  Don’t use too many colours.

Should I make a margin or start writing like a maniac?

You should use a 4cm margin on the left and at least 4 lines in between each answer.

Should I staple or spiral bind the assignment pages?

Again, no such restriction. But spiral binding may be preferred.

Can I print or type the assignments as it is easy to Copy-Paste the answers from the internet?

You should write the responses in your own handwriting only.

Should I keep a photocopy of the Assignment?

Yes, you must keep a photocopy before submitting your assignments to the Study Centre.

How to Write your IGNOU Assignments

On the first page write your Enrolment Number, Name, Study Centre Code, Programme, Course Code, the Course Title, Session, Address, Mobile/Telephone, Email, Date of Submission & Signature. You can download and print this as well
IGNOU Assignments Front page


The second Page should be the Assignment Question Paper. Tick the questions which you will be attempting in the assignment.
Start with the answers. Don’t write the questions as you have already attached the Assignment Question Paper on the previous page.
Try to write at least 5-6 pages/question for a 500-word limit answer, especially if it is an arts subject
You should write each assignment separately. All the assignments should not be written in continuity in a single notebook or shouldn’t be bound or stapled together.
You should write the question number with each answer.
You should not copy from the response sheets of your friends. If copying is noticed, assignments of you and your friend can be rejected, and disciplinary action can be taken against both of you as per the rules of the University. Although, nothing of such sort happens practically.
The completed assignment should be sent only by registered/speed post or submitted in person to the Coordinator of the Study Centre allotted to the student. The latter is the most preferred way. The assignment should not be sent to the Regional Centre.
After submitting the assignment at the Study Centre in person, the students should get the acknowledgement receipt from the Coordinator. You will have to keep this receipt safe for getting back your evaluated assignments. Also, this receipt will help you prove that you actually submitted those assignments.
10. Don’t wait until the deadline. Submit your assignments well before 3-4 days or be ready to face chaos on the last day.  ( For G.O.T fans- Here, Chaos isn’t a ladder )

Will IGNOU extend the Assignment submission deadline like it extends admission dates?

MAYBE. IGNOU sometimes extend the assignment submission date. But you shouldn’t wait for the last dates and submit the assignments well in advance.

Can I apply for the Re-evaluation of IGNOU assignments?

Assignments are not subject to re-evaluation except for factual errors if any committed by the evaluator. In case you find that the score indicated in the evaluated assignment sheet has not been correctly reflected or is not entered in your grade card, you are advised to contact the Coordinator of the study centre with a request to forward the correct award list to the Student Evaluation Division (SED) at IGNOU, New Delhi.
Note- I have also created a Facebook group that provides a single platform to All India Gold medalists in different courses (MEC, MARD, MEG, BCA & PGDOM), IGNOU achievers in various fields & pass out students so that you can learn from their experience. You are welcome to join.
So, now there are three different ways How the students can submit the assignments based on their convenience.

1. Through Offline Mode

In an offline Assignment submission method, The candidates can visit their respective regional centres of IGNOU and then submit the assignments. The Candidates have to finish answering the questions of their assignments and then submit them to the Ignou study centre. While preparing the assignments, you should make sure that the very first page or the front page of the assignment should have all the necessary details mentioned below.
  • Name of the student
  • Enrolment Number
  • Program Code
  • Name, Code, and address of the study centre where you are submitting the Assignment
  • Mobile number and email address of the student
If you are submitting the assignments directly through offline mode, the person at the IGNOU centre will offer you a receipt that you need to keep safe till the result is not declared.

2. Through Online Mode

For students who are not able to visit the IGNOU study centre to submit their assignments, now they can also submit Assignments online through an Email Address and by Google Form.

Through Email Address

Here is the method that you need to follow to submit your assignments through Email.
  • Mention all the important details on the front page of your assignment that you would do in the case of offline submissions such as Name, Subject Name and Code, Program and Course Code, Study Centre Name, contact details, and others.
  • Scan your handwritten assignment copies and convert them into PDF format.
  • Find out the Email Address of your regional centre from Google
  • In the body of the email, provide all the details in a list format that you have mentioned on the front page of your assignments.
  • Now attach the PDF formats of your assignments and send the email to the respective regional centre email address.
After you have sent the email, you should receive an acknowledgement. It may take few hours to get this acknowledgement email. But if you have still not received it, you should check whether the regional portal has shared the link for Google Forms or not and should upload the assignments there too

Through Google Form

Candidates who are not able to visit the study centre to submit the assignments can also submit them online through Google Forms. You can follow the below steps for the successful submission of assignments through Google Form.
  1. First of all, have a look at the list of IGNOU Regional Centres at the Official Website of IGNOU and go to your Regional Centre’s website.
  2. On the homepage of the Regional Centre’s official page, go to the section of News and Events.
  3. You should get the option of Assignment Guidelines or Assignment Submission on which you have to click.
  4. As you click on the link, the Google form will get open in the browser.
  5. Now start filling the form with proper details such as your Name, Enrolment Number, Subject Code, and Others.
  6. Carefully upload the scanned copy of your assignment and submit the form.

Instructions to Follow

While you are submitting the assignments through Google Form, make sure that you follow these important instructions.
  • You have to fill a new form for each subject.
  • Make sure that you are uploading the assignment files correctly.
  • You need to scan the handwritten copies of the assignments and upload them.
  • The scanned copy of assignments should not be more than 100MB.
  • You should only submit the PDF format of the scanned copy.
  • Though you will be entering the basic details in the Google Form, it is also a great idea to mention the same details on your assignment copy also.
  • The option of submitting the assignments through Google Forms will be available only when the quota of email submission is over.

Note that the many of the regional centre of IGNOU is not sending any confirmation or acknowledment after submission of IGNOU Assignments so you don;t need to worry about it instead keep check the status of your assignments to get the result.

How To Check IGNOU Assignment Submission Status

After submission of assignments through any of the available methods, the assignments go for the evaluation to the evaluator of the study centre or regional centre. Once Evaluator has successfully evaluated your assignment then they will either upload your marks directly on the IGNOU Site or it will be sent to IGNOU Delhi for updating online and thereafter it can be seen by each student to get their report.
Many of the students are getting confused about checking their assignment status & marks online after submission of their assignments to the study centre which they prepare with their hard work. We have made the process easier for candidates to find their assignment status, marks & result in one place.
The candidate just needs to click on the following link to go to the main page of the assignment status section. After coming to the section, you need to enter your 9 or 10 digit enrolment number and select your program code from the list and click on submit to get your assignment status on your screen.
You can get your Marks, Status, Grades, and Results of your Assignments from here. Generally, IGNOU Assignment marks updating and uploading within 40 days after submission to the concerned study or regional centre.

Note: IGNOU Assignment status may take some time to get updated online so candidates are requested to keep check their status regularly to find their assignment marks from here. In some cases, the study centre first evaluates the assignment, after evaluation, they send the marks to the regional centre and then the concerned authority at RC uploads the marks online which definitely takes some time.

IGNOU Assignment front page or First Page

The first page of an Assignment is very important. It must be attractive and at the same time, it must follow the format prescribed by the University. Here are some guidelines that will help you to make your first page of the assignment flawless exactly like the format issued by the IGNOU University on its official website. The first page must include the following information.
  • Name
  • Roll number
  • Address
  • Assignment number
  • Name of the course
  • Study Centre
  • Programme
  • Date of submission
  • Phone Number
  • Email Id
  • Your Signature
The assignment must be presented on an A4 size paper sheet and must be handwritten by the candidate. The answers can be written on both sides of the paper. While writing the answers the students can only write the question number rather than writing the whole question. But it is best to write the whole question so that the understanding is better.
Example Of IGNOU Assignment Front Page

Download The Ignou Assignment First Page in PDF Format

IGNOU Assignment Submission Date and Last Date

  • Assignment Submission Start Date 14 March 2022
  • Assignment Submission End Date 30 September 2022

IGNOU BCA ECO-01 Solved Assignment

We are providing solutions of your IGNOU Assignment, you will get some help from solutions. First read the IGNOU assignment questions carefully; go through the units on which the questions are based if you are unable to answer it. Read the solutions, try hard to understand it and then write it yourself. Do not copy the solutions, just get an idea from it, to solve the assignments.

1. Briefly explain various sources from which companies may raise long term capital.

2. “Company form of organization is the most ideal form for all types of business.” Discuss.

3. Distinguish between the following:

(a) Primary market and Secondary market

(b) Public limited company and Co-operative organization

4. Write short notes on the following:

(a) Listing of a security on a stock exchange

(b) Entrepreneurship and characteristics of an entrepreneur

5. Comment very briefly on the following statements:

(a) There is no element of risk in business.

(b) Loans are sanctioned for the short term only.

(c) There is no difference between the money market and capital market.

(d) All the business risks are insurable.

Download: ECO-01NewSolved.PDF

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