IGNOU Grade Card Status 2022-23 For June Term End Examination

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IGNOU Grade Card Status 2022-23: Check the status of your IGNOU Grade Card for BCA, MCA, MA, BA, B.Sc, Bed etc online. Find a qualitative and point grade system for the majority of the course 2022-23.  Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) updates its students every six months about their results in semester examinations and assignments. Here you have an option to check the ignou grade card status for BCA, MCA, BBA to MBA courses with one click. These cards contain the score as well as grades from both and in the end, give the final grade in every subject.  

The IGNOU university makes changes in the grade card as and when the candidates appear and get their results from examination and evaluation of assignments. The grade card becomes final when the results from assignments and examinations make the students pass with satisfactory grades. Once the grade in every subject shows the status as ‘completed’, it means the candidate has successfully completed the examination for the particular subject.

IGNOU Grade Card Status

Let’s know some other aspects of the Ignou grade card 2022-23, which are relevant for the students for their examination.

Check the IGNOU Grade Card Status 2022 Online


This simple online calculator helps you to calculate at one click by entering the program and enrollment number. Just choose the correct Program, enter your Enrollment Number and click on submit, it will show you the result on the next page. This also allows you to view the result and print it online.
Kindly visit the official website if you have any other queries – https://webservices.ignou.ac.in/

Different types of grades are shown in the Card

In the grading system, IGNOU has three types of things, such as letter grade, qualitative level, and point. Both the assignments and term-end examinations have these three types of scores and the final scores from them.

Letter Grade – IGNOU has A to E letter grades and the students get their place in the letter as per their score from point. Again every letter grade has its interpretation of ‘qualitative level’.

Qualitative level – For example, a student has completed one subject with “A” marks. He would get placed as “excellent” in the ‘qualitative level’. IGNOU interprets the grades from A-E in the ‘qualitative level’ as A-excellent, B-Very good, C-Good, D-Satisfactory, and E-Unsatisfactory.

Point grade – The point comes at last and the highest point grade is 5. Point is nothing but the score of the student in that particular examination and assignment. When a student gets 5 in point, it is ‘excellent’, 4-very good, 3-good, 2-satisfactory, and 1-unsatisfactory.

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IGNOU Grade Card Format 2022

Let’s know about the format in which IGNOU correlates letter grade, qualitative, and point grade.

Letter Grade Qualitative Level Point Grade
A Excellent 5
B Very Good 4
C Good 3
D satisfactory 2
E Unsatisfactory 1
Z Z’ grade 0
Other Important rules about the card – The grade card also has a ‘Z’ grade, when the student has not written anything on the answer sheet and in the assignments.
  1. A student needs to secure satisfactory grades in both term-end examinations and combined from term-end examinations and assignments need to become ‘C’. This would mean that the particular student has passed in that particular subject.
  2. IGNOU has a multi-tire system of evaluation for examinations and assignments.
  3. It gives self-assignment exercises in each unit of study.
  4. It has continuous evaluation through tutor-marked, practical assignments, seminars, workshops, and extended contact programmes.
It evaluates students through final examinations or term-end examinations.
It also makes an evaluation of ‘project works’.
So the final card for different courses has mentioned all the above.

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