Cover Letter – How Can Cover Letter Examples Help You Land That Important Interview?

Cover Letter: Applying to any job today you will know that you will be in competition with dozens if not hundreds of others all looking to land that job. So being able to make your application stand out from the others is vital if you want to stand any chance of success. Your cover letter is a vital part of your application and even if not requested as part of your application you will find that any application that is not accompanied by one is likely to be dismissed as not being serious.  

Our example cover letters will help you to fully understand how a cover letter can be effectively used to gain the attention of the recruiter and ensure that your resume gets a fair review helping you to be selected for an interview. 

Our cover letter examples site aims to ensure that you will be able to find a cover letter example to help with your application.

Example Cover Letter

What can Cover Letter Examples Help you with?

Any example cover letter will cover a specific application by an individual and each and every example will be very different as will your own cover letter be. You cannot just take samples of cover letters online and copy them expecting them to work for you. You are a different person and the job you are applying to will likely have very different requirements than the specific example you are looking at. Cover letter examples can only provide you with guidance with regards to:

  • The correct cover letter format to use to ensure that it is clear and easily read.
  • How to structure the different paragraphs within your letter.
  • What to include within each specific paragraph of your covering letter
  • How to explain anything unusual within your resume such as gaps within your career history

How are our Samples of Cover Letters Written?

We use highly qualified writers that have a huge amount of experience working within the recruitment industry to write our cover letter examples. Each is written based on a specific applicant applying for a very specific position with emphasis on the most likely areas that the recruiter is going to be looking for. They can clearly show you how to:
  • Correctly address and format your cover letter
  • How to write your opening paragraph to clearly state your intentions and who you are
  • How to review the job advert and company websites to identify the main areas of interest to ensure that your main body reflects them clearly
  • How to overcome issues within your resume and job history
  • How to close your cover letter effectively and request an interview
Our cover letter examples are not just copies of what you have already written in your resume, nor will they ever contain any negative information such as stating that you wish to change employment due to issues with your current employer. You can use our cover letter examples to provide you clear guidance and help with writing your own successful cover letters to help you win that all-important job interview.


You have 20 seconds to impress the employer for your application to be considered that is why you need to structure your marketing assistant cover letter perfectly. A great letter will have a big impact on the reader.

Writing Cover Letter Marketing Assistant

Content: Before you type in your computer, you need to make research about the company so that you know exactly what the company is. Most companies outline what the role entails, experiences, and personal qualities they are looking for and ensure that you show them or meet all of it before applying. To present good content, the letter must have three parts: the introduction, the body, and the closing section.

Beginning the cover letter

  • Dear Mr. Smith: If you know the name of the individual who will review your letter, bold the text
  • Dear Mr. Chambers: Use this when you are not sure of the marital status of the female recipient
  • Dear Madam/Sir: Use this when you entirely do not know what is the name of the person whom you are writing

Opening paragraph

The opening letter must be hard-hitting and short. Start it with an attention-grabbing sentence so that the reviewer will continue reading your paper.
Example of opening paragraphs: In response to the advertised position in Parent on July 15th, please consider my application in your search for a marketing assistant.

Second paragraph

Present information on why should the employer hire you. Describe your academic qualifications and professional qualifications briefly that are essential to the position you are applying for.

Third paragraph

Provide details of what you can do for the organization. You should outline relevant career goals for the marketing assistant position. You need to expand on important points.

Fourth paragraph

Indicate your desire in getting a personal interview.

Closing the letter

Finish the letter with “yours sincerely”. Write enclosure line at the bottom.


Your address should appear on the right corner at the top of the paper, skip a line and write the date. The recipient address must be written on the left side.
If you do not know what a cover letter is, you can research on marketing assistant cover letter sample online or a cover letter for a summer job.
To get some inspiration, feel free to review our internship cover letter and accounting internship cover letter samples.


An accounting internship cover letter is important like a resume. It helps the hiring manager to learn more about your experience and skills. The letter is sent together with the resume and other information saying why you are qualified for the job position. Check some accounting internship cover letter samples and read our tips to write the best cover letter ever!

Comparison List of Accounting Internship Cover Letter

If you want to submit an exceptional cover letter, you must do your best to present what is the information that the employer is looking for. You need to mention your skills, experience, achievements as well as qualification.
Your Need: My Qualifications:
Bachelors degree: Bachelors degree in Commerce with a major in accounting from New York University
3 to 4 years of experience: 4 years experience in accounting which include payable, bank account reconciliations, accounts receivable, tax compliance, and statutory account preparation
Proficiency in MS Office: Advanced knowledge of publisher, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Microsoft Word
Certification: Certified excellent accounting person
Great skills and qualities: Teamwork, time management, good communication skills, presentation skills, ability to meet deadlines, customer service, and attention to detail
Ability: Ability in energy in maintaining accounting-related employment. Positive attitude, strong work ethic, motivated, hard-working, positive person, and willing to learn
This comparison is only a guide for you on what you need to do or present that is why you need to make a plan or think carefully about what you should include in your resume. Presenting a comparison table in your cover letter is a wonderful and nice idea but you should know what you must write.
If you make research on the accounting letter cover letter sample, you will know what the details you should include are. It helps you not to have a hard time. For the template, here is what you need to know.
  • Your Name
  • Address
  • Phone and email address
  • Date
  • Dear Sir/Madam
  • Re: Accounting internship position
  • Body
  • Kind regards
  • Sign here
  • Name
  • Enclosures
If you want to get the position, exert effort in writing your cover letter. Take time and review it before submitting it. Schedule when you should write your cover letter so that you will not rushing.


A poorly written cover letter can never attract the employer and will never get their attention that is why you need to write a compelling as well as a wonderful cover letter so that it will be attention-grabbing. To do this, here are things you should remember whenever you need to write a cover letter for an internship.

Tips in Internship Cover Letter

  • Get in, Get Noticed, and Get Out: Your cover letter must provide enough details to the employer and it must be economical having three sections which include an introduction, the body which is a summary of skills and background, and the conclusion which provide information about contact number and closing.
  • Personalize: In an internship cover letter, it must be unique and personal. You should begin your letter with a greeting and address it directly to the person who will read it. This means that you spend time knowing who will read the letter.
  • Connect the dots: In the body section or in the second section of the letter, you need to connect your background and your skills as well as the job requirements. Do not re-state the information that is included in your resume.
  • Close with style: The last paragraph or the third section must be written elegantly and neatly. You need to thank the company for considering your application. You should reiterate your enthusiasm for the organization, mission, and position. It is also your chance to give your contact number for them to know where to contact you. Never forget that you need to provide a professional email wherein it must be included in your resume and cover letter.
  • Do test run: Before sending out your cover letter, you should check the job description for specific instructions. If they provide instructions on how you will send your letter, make sure to follow them for them to consider your application.
You can check out the internship cover letter sample to have ideas on what you need to include or how it is written by job seekers. Checking out also internship cover letter template will give you an easy task because all that you need is to supply it with needed information or think about a barista cover letter or cover letter for a hotel job.
Having problems with a cover letter is quite OK. To get some inspiration, feel free to review our early childhood education cover letter and network engineer cover letter samples.


Writing a cover letter is one of the difficult things needed to do. You need to spend a lot of time to produce the best output that is why a lot of job seekers concentrate on this paper because it is an important part of their application.

Guide in Writing Engineering Cover Letter

Engineering Cover Letter

The first sentence in your engineering cover letter is the most crucial because you need to ensure that you get the attention of the reader. Your first sentence must be strong and it can be about your top experience or skills. Do not waste your time explaining why you’re applying for the job.
A poorly written cover letter is not impressive. In writing, you need to be specific especially about your experience, achievements, and skills. Keep in mind that the achievements are important and you use them in painting a picture of a proven track record. In highlighting your successes, you should use short sentences.
In your engineer cover letter, it is your chance to show that you are perfect for the job. It is your opportunity in demonstrating your communication and writing skills. Your tone and style give insight into your character.
Numerous applicants do not write their qualifications directly rather they are just starting their experiences, achievements, and skills which means they just leave it at ease and the reader must connect the points. You should not do it because when you list down your qualifications, you also need to demonstrate your experience and skills together. You will be in a much better position when you do this.
You should not forget to include the contact details that you used in your resume to include in your cover letter. You must make sure to include your name, home or cell phone number, address as well as and email address.
Finally, you can also check out the engineer cover letter sample online so that you will have a guide on things you need to do and what you should include, and what you should not. The cover letter is important to your application that is why you need to do well in writing it. These tips may be used for academic job cover letter
Our experts can easily deal with your mechanical engineer cover letter and cover letter for software engineers as well, so feel free to ask for assistance!

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