What Is The Full Form Of MBA – MBA Courses ?

MBA Full form is Master of Business Administration that is a post-graduate degree in business administration. The person who wants to pursue MBA should be graduate in any discipline. This post-graduation degree is very suitable for those students who want to make a career in business management. Other MBA Full Form are:

  1. Media Bloggers Association
  2. Metropolitan Basketball Association
  3. Mombasa International Airport
MBA Full Form?

After knowing the MBA’s full form, it is time to get information about a subject that is offered in the MBA program.

What does MBA Mean?


If you are confused about the MBA full form or MBA meaning. MBA means Master of Business Administration. Now we are about to discuss different kinds of subjects that are provided in the MBA program. The following subjects are very famous nowadays.

  • Marketing
  • HR (Humane Resource)
  • IT ( information technology)
  • SCM ( supply chain management)
  • Operational management
  • Finance

Types of MBA Courses

In India, you can find different kinds of MBA courses offered by many colleges. Some MBA courses are full time and some are part-time according to the requirement.
For example: if the student who wants to pursue MBA is working full time, then he can join a part-time MBA program and get his study class on Saturday and Sunday. In this way, he can do both things in a good manner.

Full Time MBA or Two year MBA

A full-time MBA program takes two academic years and a minimum of 600 hours of class. Here, students have to go to college regularly for taking classes. Normally there are four semesters during the 2-year program. Students get two months of summer break in between each semester exam.  
At the end of last semester, students have to submit a project report that is based on the real work experience of those students. In this way, the student gets the real experience of a real work environment. He learns about how to work, how to manage time, work, stress, etc. while working.

Part Time MBA

Part-Time MBA takes 3 academic years.  Generally, the class is held on weekday evenings like Saturday, Sunday. Most students in part-time MBA programs are working people who want to pursue MBA and get a higher degree that will useful for them to get a high position in their organization.

Modular MBA

Modular MBA is similar to part-time MBA programs. The only difference is that the students are packaged together in blocks from one to 3 weeks.

Executive MBA

Executive MBA is one of the popular MBA programs nowadays in INDIA. as full form of MBA means master of business administration.  Here, executive MBA means executive master of business administration. Here, the organization provides opportunities to those employees who are performing well and have the capability for the higher position. Management decides the selecting employee based on their performance and gives them opportunities to pursue MBA while working in their organization. 
In most cases, the organization pays the cost of MBA courses for its employees. It is also a motivational tool by the management to motivate those employees who are working hard who can prove themselves.

Full Time Executive MBA

Full Time Executive MBA is one of the popular courses that is given by organizations to their high-performing employees.  Here the cost of course is paid by the organization. An employee will get a one-year interval in his work and pursue the MBA course.  Generally, these opportunities are given to those employees who have more than 5 years of experience in that same organization, here the employee gets a 1-year interval in his work. He goes to class on regular basis.

Distance Learning MBA

Distance Learning MBA is an effective course for those employees or students who do not want to attempt regular classes at college. Here, they can do all the study themselves. Here they will study in different ways like postal mail, pre-recorded video, live teleconference or online computer course, etc.

Mini MBA

Mini MBA is offered by non –profit and for-profit institutions to give training that is focused on fundamentals of business. Here the period, of course, less than 100 hours due to training time, it is creolized by many people.

MBA Dual Degree

MBA dual degree is a post-graduation program that offers a dual degree in 2 academic full years.  It is very cost-effective and time-saving because you do not need to peruse two different degrees separately so that this saves time. In the same way, it also saves money, because you can get two degrees at the same cost.  
The duration and cost of a dual MBA post-graduation course are almost the same in comparison to a full-time MBA Program. The only difference is that person who is doing a dual MBA will get a dual degree at one cost. Now we are going to discuss other MBA full form that is as follows:
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